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 About this forum and its Admin Team

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Admin Staff
Admin Staff

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PostSubject: About this forum and its Admin Team   Fri Jun 15, 2007 6:54 am

Abou IAS staffs forum
This forum is created only for IAS staffs. The intention of this forum
is to create a one place for all staffs to talk about different things that happens in our work environment. In simple terms "PLACE WHERE WE SHARE OUR STORIES IN OUR DAILY WORK"

Once you registered, you will get many ways to express your views,
share your stories in your work place. Following features will be
available for you:

1- Post topics/Post Reply
: You can post different topics for others to discuss and you can also reply to others posts
2- Private messaging: You can send private messages to other users.
3- Create a Poll: You can create a your own polls and ask others to vote on it.
4- Chat with others: You can chat other users online in this forum

In order to enter this forum, you need to register into this forum. For
your info, this forum is protected from unauthorized users as this
forum is created only for IAS staffs. So once you register into this
forum, the registration request will be send to the Administration
Board. Admin Team will verify your registration information before
activating your account. Because we have to make sure that you are a
staff of IAS before we can activate your account. For this reason, it is
highly recommended to you that to use your office e-mail in registering
into this forum.

This forum is maintained by group of IAS staffs. We guarantee to all
staffs that we are committed to protect your privacy and company's
dignity and reputation. So please help us to keep this code of conduct
while you are in this forum. Please don't post any personal stories and
don't name any staffs badly while talking in this forum. Make all your
comments meaningful and useful, so that all the others can really think
about it. Please feel free to ask any question about this forum by
sending an e-mail to our Admin Board at

Admin Staff
IAS staffs forum
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About this forum and its Admin Team
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